Millennium Sapphire

Name: Millennium Sapphire

Symbol: MSTO


Token Supply: 149,999,499.9999 MSTO

Token Standard: ERC-20

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About The Asset

Explore this new security token on the INX platform. MSTO is a security token offering from Millennium Fine Art, Inc., the owner of the world’s largest natural carved sapphire, the Millennium Sapphire, which is valued at $150M USD*. Images of historical scenes have been etched into the sapphire making it a one of a kind piece of art in addition to a valuable asset. There are 134 scenes in total and MFAI developed NFTs of the gem, and they have assembled industry leaders to create a powerful NFT production studio, leveraging the content carved on the sapphire. The fractionalized ownership of the sapphire and NFT studio profits is sold through a security token.

How it works:
Millennium Fine Art, Inc. (MFAI), is the owner of the Millennium Sapphire which is the world’s largest natural carved Sapphire and valued at $150M USD*. The Sapphire backs the token as collateral and investors in the MS Token acquire a pro-rata tokenized interest in the business of MS Token LLC. This includes a pro rata equity interest in the Millennium Sapphire and its associated artwork as well as profits derived from owning its intellectual property, including those from future NFT productions. 

*Source: Based on Millennium Sapphire’s independent appraisal of the gem

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