Advent Token

Symbol: ATX

Token Supply: 125,000,000 ATX

Token Standard: ERC-1404

Project Name: Advent Entertainment
Tokens Reserved for Advent Entertainment, LLC Team: 25,000,000
Tokens to be Made Available in Securities Offerings: 100,000,000
Initial Token Sale Start Date on October 24, 2022: 
This investment round is limited to 2000 Investors with a soft cap target amount of $15 Million that can increase up to $50 Million. 
Minimum Investment Amount: $7500
Initial Token Price: 
$1.00 (Tokens bought in the first 2 weeks of the offering receive a 10% discount and can be purchased for $0.90).
Security Token: Advent Token is a Security Token issued in conjunction with US regulations and laws and are being issued pursuant to the SEC Reg D/Reg S exemptions. To purchase the security token and get more information please visit INX to register. 

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About The Asset

Explore this new security token on the INX platform. Advent is combining film, television, interactive video games, real estate, augmented reality, virtual reality, metaverse, artificial intelligence and the latest web 3 technologies to create a worldwide community and expand entertainment to be brink or human imagination.

How it works:
Benefits for Advent Token holders include an 80/20 (Holder/Company) split on profits until the holder has been returned 125% of the initial token price or $1.20 USD on the Dollar. Holders will alos receive a prorated portion of the allocated 10% equity in the company as well as a 10% share in the company profits as an ongoing royalty.

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