Leading Tokenization Platform RedSwan CRE Secures FINRA Membership

RedSwan Markets LLC (“RedSwan Markets”), the wholly-owned affiliate of RedSwan CRE (“RedSwan”), a leader in tokenized commercial real estate, has received FINRA approval for SEC broker-dealer membership. 

This FINRA approval marks a significant milestone for RedSwan and RedSwan Markets, allowing them to legally offer and sell digital securities of commercial real estate shares from the RedSwan digital marketplace platform. This marks a new era for tokenized real estate as a physically liquid asset class, allowing for future integration into treasury management solutions. Investment managers will no longer have to classify all real estate as an illiquid asset, modifying the future investment benefit of accretive yield and liquidity options. RedSwan focuses on high-quality global real estate assets and will democratize investor access, management, and trading as compliant digital securities.  This announcement comes as RedSwan launches its latest institutional Core+ offerings, including an unlevered GCC Growth Fund I for global investors.

“This FINRA membership approval recognizes our team’s unwavering commitment and hard work,” said Ed Nwokedi, Founder & CEO of RedSwan CRE. We can now expand our reach to a broader range of institutions, family offices, broker-dealers, RIAs, and money managers by offering digital asset securities as an alternative to traditional illiquid products. I am grateful to our RedSwan Markets team and the leaders of FINRA for their diligent efforts in helping us achieve this milestone. RedSwan Markets is committed to adhering to all regulatory standards and best practices on all offerings.”

“Tokenization will prove to be a game changer for the commercial real estate capital markets,” says Will Powers, President of RedSwan Markets.  “With the recent news of institutional adoption, we are extremely excited to be a part of this space and look forward to growing the industry with our partners.”

About RedSwan CRE:

Founded in April 2018, RedSwan CRE is a blockchain-based marketplace that leverages tokenization technology to fractionalize ownership of commercial real estate, making investments more accessible, affordable, and tradable. RedSwan Markets LLC is the broker- dealer subsidiary established to be RedSwan CRE’s regulatory arm for compliant transactions.  Sponsors and private investors now have early liquidity options through the issuance and tradability of asset-backed digital securities. Drawing on the team’s deep expertise in real estate, finance, and technology, RedSwan CRE is providing leading-edge capital market solutions for the $75T global industry. 

Contact Information:

Ed Nwokedi

CEO, RedSwan CRE


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