Hashrate Asset Group Announces Details of HAG Token Second Tranche Offering

Hashrate Asset Group (HAG) is pleased to unveil significant updates regarding the forthcoming second tranche offering of the HAG token. As part of our commitment to maximizing benefits for our community, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering sustainable growth, we are excited to share key details about pricing guidance, timing, and engagement strategies.

Pricing Guidance for the Second Tranche

HAG is announcing the pricing guidance for the second tranche, set within the range of $70 to $140 per token. This carefully determined range reflects the intrinsic value of HAG within our ecosystem and current market dynamics, ensuring fairness and transparency for all stakeholders involved.

Expected Timing for the Second Tranche Launch

While the exact launch date of the second tranche is yet to be finalized, we are diligently working towards a launch window in the near future. Our team is engaging in meticulous preparation, collaborating closely with community stakeholders, compliance experts, and mining server suppliers. Further updates on the precise timeline will be communicated as soon as it becomes available.

Final Price Announcement

The final price for the second tranche will be announced officially at the launch. We are committed to keeping all stakeholders informed through timely updates. Our decision-making process will be guided by thorough market analysis, regulatory compliance, and our strategic vision for the project.

Engagement and Communication

Transparent and ongoing communication with our community is paramount to us. We will maintain open channels of communication throughout this process, encouraging feedback, questions, and concerns from our community. Your engagement is invaluable as we navigate through this exciting phase.


Hashrate Asset Group is at a pivotal juncture, poised to achieve significant milestones that will reinforce our position in the market and enhance value for our users and investors. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the continued support and confidence in our vision. Stay tuned for further updates as we progress towards the successful launch of the second tranche of the HAG offering.

About Hashrate Asset Group

Hashrate Asset Group is dedicated to building the world’s first sustainable, compliant, and transparent Bitcoin standard arithmetic operating model. The HAG Token enables investors to participate in our ecosystem and receive real-time returns on their investments. Our mining farm is located in the United States, and our team comprises industry-leading professionals from Bitmain, Goldman Sachs, and TSMC.

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