Avrio announces strategic investment from DLMI to secure its registered digital financial market infrastructure for the tokenization of digital assets across the DLMI network of companies

Avrio Worldwide, PBC (Avrio) announces Diamond Lake Minerals, Inc., (OTC: DLMI) has made a strategic investment in Avrio to deploy its registered digital financial market infrastructure (dFMI) for the tokenization of digital assets across its network of companies. With a current market capitalization of around $150 million, DLMI will acquire a 24 percent stake in Avrio.

DLMI is new industry innovator leading the way in digital assets and SEC-registered security tokens. Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, DLMI has evolved from a pioneer in mineral exploration to a leader in SEC-registered security tokens. At the heart of DLMI’s success lies its dedicated leadership and advisory team, spearheaded by CEO Brian J. Esposito, and his management team.

AVRIO is the parent of several companies delivering licensed digital financial market infrastructure and services across public, private, and digital markets. Avrio’s ATS technology, Arkonis, is designed to be used by the operators of private markets that facilitate the issuance and secondary trading of securities and includes: a Quotation Bureau, a Transfer Agent, and a Qualified Matching Engine for LP investors.

Avrio’s public market technology includes: an API farm for exchange management (EM), order management (OM), portfolio management (PM), and client management (CM) – and routes to global public markets. Avrio’s NFT technology provides exchange access and capabilities to trade digital asset securities and collectibles.

Avrio technology is blockchain protocol agnostic.
Commenting on the strategic investment in Avrio, Esposito, said, “With a state-of-the-art dFMI stack, Avrio is the financial services technology engine to enable the DLMI network of companies and projects, across many industries, including: financial services, real estate, media / entertainment / gaming / and sports, hospitality, consumer products, technology and aerospace, and education and healthcare, while unlocking access to liquidity and value for investors through a registered platform. The technology platform combined with the strong alignment that both Avrio and DLMI have as it relates to ethics, laws, rules and regulation, and the exceptional experience in the future of securities is what makes this relationship extremely special. Now that we are utilizing Avrio’s technology, team, and licenses within DLMI we are well positioned to continue to execute our strategy to be a global leader in digital securities.”

Lawrence Wintermeyer, Avrio CEO, commented, “DLMI’s strategic investment in Avrio offers outstanding opportunities and synergies across the DLMI network of companies for the tokenization of real-world-assets (RWA) on Avrio’s registered dFMI as well as opportunities to invest in Avrio’s companies and commercial partners that are growing the $16 trillion RWA-tokenization market opportunity.”

About Diamond Lake Mine, Inc ($DLMI) 
Founded in Utah in 1954 Diamond Lake Minerals, Inc. (OTC: DLMI) is a multi-strategy operating company that specializes in the development and support of digital assets and SEC-registered security tokens. Our goal is to responsibly innovate and develop valuable traditional businesses and successfully combine them with the future of money and digital assets. Our mission is to bring back to the public markets timeless business principles that are focused on healthy sustainable growth and strong earnings that generate yields combined in a modern digital world creating value for our stakeholders. DLMI is positioning itself as an industry-agnostic leader in the digital asset and security token space.

DLMI’s advisors include market leaders in both financial services and across consumer industries positioning the Company to unlock the value of tokenization. Our advisors include Anthony Scaramucci, Larry Namer, Raul Leal, Andrew Fromm, Brandon Fugal, Agnes Budzyn, David Meltzer, Michael Malik Sr., Shy Dakita, and Marty Pompadur.

Our website is: https://diamondlakeminerals.com/

About AVRIO Worldwide PBC 
AVRIO is a registered market infrastructure provider with a full technology stack. 
Avrio is the parent company of:

  • Arkonis is the operator of a broker-dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) in the United States. Arkonis Capital, LLC, a US broker-dealer (BD) and market infrastructure, services, and data provider with an institutional grade full technology stack transacting across public markets, private markets and digital markets:
  • Trading engine (ATS), qualified matching services (QMS), and quotation bureau (QB) for transacting in unregistered securities, alternatives, or digital asset securities,
  • Exchange management (EM), order management (OM), portfolio management (PM) and client management (CM) for transacting in registered securities, ETFs, and funds in public markets,
  • NFT trading platform for collectibles in digital assets markets.
  • The technology enables clients to create, manage, and trade any product on a global platform, and is blockchain agnostic. This enables clients to capture and scale market opportunities while creating standardization and best practices designed to prevent fraud, protect investors, and comply with know-your-customer and anti-money laundering compliance laws.
  • Arkonis Capital LLC is a member of the FINRA and SIPC.

For more information: www.avriotech.io

source: Yahoo Finance

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