Dinari Completes $10M Seed Funding, Unveils New dShares Including MCD and WGMI

1:1 Backed RWA Tokens for Major Public Equities Available Now on Arbitrum One’s Blockchain

[PALO ALTO, California – 18 December 2023] – Dinari, a fintech innovator, has successfully raised a total of $10 million in seed funding since its founding two years ago. Dinari is pleased to announce an additional $2.5 million to top off the $7.5 million previously announced. Seed funding comes from top investors including 500 Startups, Third Kind VC, Version One, Sancus Ventures, Susquehanna Private Equity Investments, Balaji Srinivasan, and others.

Additionally, Dinari today announced the launch of three new dShares digital assets available on Arbitrum One: MCD (McDonald’s), YUM (Yum! Brands), and WGMI (Valkyrie WGMI Bitcoin Miners ETF). This adds to its existing offering of seventeen 1:1 backed on-chain Real World Assets, including stock for Coinbase, Tesla, and more.

Chas Rampenthal, Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer at Dinari, comments: “Our latest dShares expansion is more than just adding assets; it’s about opening access to investments and leveling the financial playing field. These offerings ensure that we continue to provide secure, compliant, and equitable investment opportunities for investors outside of the US, particularly who are in markets that are underserved by existing offerings.”

Details of the new dShares:

  • MCD (McDonald’s): Tokenized shares in the world’s largest fast-food chain, known for its global dominance and steady financial performance.
  • YUM (Yum! Brands): Representing ownership in the multinational corporation behind popular fast-food entities including Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut.
  • WGMI (Valkyrie WGMI Bitcoin Miners ETF): ETF offering broad exposure to the sector of Bitcoin mining and indirectly the cryptocurrency sector in general.

These new additions, backed 1:1 by the respective assets and secured with regular smart contract and reserve audits, enhance Dinari’s robust lineup of digital investment opportunities.

About Dinari:

Dinari is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower individuals and organizations to participate in a more efficient digital economy. Committed to transparency and accessibility, Dinari offers blockchain-based products and services, including Dinari Securities-Backed Tokens (dShares), which provides direct exposure to the world’s most trusted assets with 1:1 backing.

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Matthew Eisner

Head of Product & Growth – Dinari

Email: matt@dinari.com

US: +1 404 312 6583

UK: +44 7523 506891

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