Exodus Movement, Inc. Halts Class A Share Trading on tZERO and Securitize Markets ATS Ahead of OTC Markets OTCQB Listing

In a strategic maneuver, Exodus Movement, Inc. (EXOD), a leading self-custodial cryptocurrency software platform, has announced the suspension of trading for its Class A shares on the tZERO Securities ATS and the Securitize Markets ATS. The move, effective post-market closure on Monday, December 11, 2023, is a prelude to Exodus’ forthcoming listing on the OTC Markets OTCQB.

This decision underscores Exodus’ dedication to facilitating a seamless transition for its shareholders, affording them the opportunity to migrate their holdings to a brokerage account in preparation for participation in the planned OTCQB listing.

Shareholders with Class A shares domiciled in a tZERO brokerage account will, upon completion of the customary transfer process, assume the status of direct record holders on the shareholder register managed by Exodus’ transfer agent, Securitize. This procedural shift is integral to the company’s strategic alignment for impending OTC Markets trading activities.

Likewise, shareholders housing Class A shares within a Securitize Markets brokerage account will retain their direct record holder status on the shareholder register of Securitize, positioning them advantageously for the evolving landscape.

Founded in 2015, Exodus is positioned as a trailblazing multi-asset software wallet, endeavoring to democratize access to digital assets. Offering a user-centric experience, Exodus supports the secure management and exchange of cryptocurrencies, boasting an impressive 10,000+ asset pairs across desktop, mobile, and browser platforms.

The self-custodial functionality ingrained in Exodus’ platform ensures that user data remains encrypted locally on their devices, guaranteeing heightened privacy, security, and absolute control over their digital wealth.

For those seeking deeper insights into Exodus and its ongoing initiatives, comprehensive details can be found at exodus.com.

About tZERO Securities:
tZERO Securities, LLC, stands as a registered broker-dealer with the SEC, proudly affiliated with FINRA and SIPC. Additional insights into tZERO Securities can be accessed via brokercheck.finra.org.

For direct assistance related to Exodus, connect with support@exodus.com. Investor relations queries can be directed to investors@exodus.com. Should inquiries pertain to tZERO Securities, correspondence can be directed to support@tzero.com. For matters concerning Securitize Markets ATS, reach out to investorsupport@securitize.io.

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