tZERO Securities: Pioneering Expansion and Transformation in the World of Capital Markets


tZERO Group Inc., an industry leader in cutting-edge technology solutions for capital markets, has just unveiled an ambitious and transformative development within its subsidiary, tZERO ATS. Effective October 20, 2023, the subsidiary will undergo a strategic rebranding and expansion, emerging as tZERO Securities, with a mission to enhance the spectrum of services available to its esteemed clientele.

A Visionary Transition

The defining hallmark of this transition is the introduction of investment banking business lines, a move designed to complement tZERO Securities’ already market-leading secondary liquidity offerings. This expansion also optimizes the firm’s services for both issuers and investors, fostering a new era of efficiency and innovation.

The amalgamation of services previously offered by tZERO Markets underscores a commitment to improved operational efficiency and sets the stage for the firm to continue its ascension in primary issuance and secondary trading business units. It’s a strategic move that positions tZERO Securities at the forefront of innovation and service excellence.

A Unified and Seamless Platform

The consolidation of these services into a single entity marks a significant turning point in the industry. Clients can now seamlessly participate across a variety of business lines, simplifying the investment process and affording a new level of convenience. Under the new structure, tZERO Securities will maintain its ATS secondary trading business and self-clearing operations while introducing Investment Banking and Private Placement business lines. This integration underscores the firm’s commitment to providing a comprehensive platform for all investment needs.

David Goone, CEO of tZERO Group, underscores the significance of these changes: “The consolidation of services to one entity will result in a more cohesive platform for customers to seamlessly participate across business lines. tZERO Securities brand reflects the broad scope of our offerings and our market-leading position.”

The Power of tZERO

tZERO Group, Inc. stands at the forefront of revolutionizing liquidity platforms for private companies and assets. The company delivers institutional-grade solutions, facilitating the digitization of capital tables through blockchain technology and enabling trade on a regulated alternative trading system. tZERO, through its broker-dealer subsidiaries, is democratizing access to private assets, offering a straightforward, automated, and efficient trading venue for broker-dealers, institutions, and investors.

The rebranding and expansion of tZERO Securities further solidify the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric service in the ever-evolving world of capital markets.

Investor Notice

It’s crucial for investors to recognize that trading securities carries substantial risks, including the potential for losses, costs associated with buying and selling, liquidity uncertainties, and the risk of losing the principal invested. Diversification is key to effective risk management.

No Offer, Solicitation, Investment Advice, or Recommendations

This article serves an informational purpose only and should not be considered an offer to sell, a solicitation to buy, or a recommendation for any security. It also does not constitute an offer to provide investment advisory or other services. The views expressed herein should not be interpreted as advice to buy, sell, or hold any security and should not replace personalized financial advice tailored to individual circumstances.

Forward-Looking Statements

The revelations in this article contain forward-looking statements based on expectations and projections about future events. These statements are subject to various factors that may cause actual results to differ. tZERO and its subsidiaries are not obligated to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement.

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